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Myocardial infarction

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A Myocardial infarction (or M.I) (Commonly referred to as a Heart attack) is a condition where the heart muscle gets damaged by a blockage of one of the coronary arteries. The condition gets its name from the Greek words myos (μυοσ) meaning muscle and kardios (καρδιοσ) meaning heart, because it affects the muscle tissue itself.

When a heart attack happens, it prevents blood getting to part of the heart muscle, causing it to die. This makes the heart weaker and sometimes, people die because they have a heart attack.

There are different things people do which affect their likelihood (chance) of having a heart attack; for example, if people smoke tobacco, eat foods which are high in fat, salt or sugar, like fast food, and don't exercise regularly, these can all increase the chances of a heart attack happening.

Eating healthy foods, keeping down your intake of fat, salt and sugar, and taking regular gentle exercise, as well as not smoking, can all help to prevent you having a heart attack.

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