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Human body

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Human skeleton

The Human body is the physical part of a human person. In an adult, it consists of a skeleton made up of 206 bones, attached to which are 639 muscles. The human body contains 100 organs and has approximately 5 to 8 litres (10.5 to 16.8 pints) of blood, which circulates around the body through every part, thanks to the heart and a network of veins, arteries and capillaries.

The body consists of many different systems, all of which have different functions in keeping a person alive:

To preserve the human body, it is necessary to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

This foods are:

  1. Fruits:They have important vitamins which gives nutrients to the body.Some of those fruits are oranges,grapes,watermelon etc.
  2. Meat : Meat gives us carbohydrates which are forms of fat and oil.
  3. Fish : This food supplies our brains with omega 3, which is especially good for the elderly.
  4. Fats: The body needs fat too keeps us warm in the winter.
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