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Frankfurt very beautiful because it has various monuments with also one historical center that in the Second World War only a few houses remained standing.

Population = Number of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

with a population that exceeds 5.5 million inhabitants.

Denonym = name of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of the most particular and curious: Abano (PD): Aponensi or Apontini (the ancient Roman name of the city was Aponus); Albenga (SV): Albenganesi or Ingauni ...

Flag of Frankfurt am Main.svg

Flag/seal[edit | edit source]

The flag of Frankfurt has an eagle in the middle with white and red underneath.

Celebrations[edit | edit source]

In frankfurt in October the biggest book fair in Europe is celebrated.

Nickname[edit | edit source]

His nickname is city of museums.[Source?]

Particularity[edit | edit source]

There are some churches and cathedrals: Heilig Kreuz Kirche, St. Dionysius Church, ├ľkumenisches Zentrum Christuskirche. The museums are: Liebieghaus, Junges Museum Frankfurt, Experiminta.

Gastronomy = a particular dish[edit | edit source]

In Frankfurt there are food specialties: vegan Carbonara, Struffoli with honey, Neapolitan Mostaccioli.