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Volumes of an encyclopedia.

An encyclopedia is a text that presents human knowledge. The encyclopedia brings together alphabetically sorted information, and is an important service to modern culture.

An encyclopedia is an encyclopedia of all branches or a specific branch, or an indicative work, which contains a summary of knowledge. Encyclopedias usually contain articles or entries, sorted by the first letter of the name or sometimes by subject. The size of the encyclopedia articles is larger and wider than that of Abhadhan. In other words, the dictionary focuses on linguistics issues such as etymology, pronunciation, usage, and grammatical forms of words, while the encyclopedia deals with the real truth of the subject matter of the article.

The encyclopedia has existed for almost 2000 years and covers language (written in any international or local language), size (small or large parts), intent (representation of global or local limited knowledge), cultural perspective (authentic, ethical, ideological, and benevolent), authorship ( The type of quality), readership (educational qualifications, environmental conditions, interests, and qualifications), the technology used to create the encyclopedia and the distribution (handwritten manuscripts, large or small print copies and the Internet) have evolved since then. As a valuable source of information provided by experts, it is given a special place in many libraries, schools, and other educational institutions.

In the 21st century, the emergence of digital and open source versions of encyclopedias such as Wikipedia has led to a wide range of access, authorship, readership, and writing.

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