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A custom (also called a tradition) is any thing which lots of people do, and have done for a long time. Usually, the people come from the same country, culture, time or religion. If something is usually done the same way, you might say that is the "customary way" of doing things.

The meaning of culture is similar to the meaning of custom. A custom is more about practices, while culture is more about ideas or a group of customs. A custom overall is just similar to culture and culture means the way of life of a people.

Examples of it are:

    • In some countries it is polite/respectful to bow to older people.
    • In some countries it is OK to burp while eating your food.
    • In some countries you take your shoes off before entering the house
    • In some places they sit on the floor and eat

Custom as a kind of law[edit | edit source]

As customs are a set of ever known and accepted rules, they can be compared to laws, for people that have no formal and written laws and even in countries who have formal laws. Customs or customary laws are rules existing and agreed by common practice. They can be social rules, which means that they are about the relation between peoples.

Other meaning[edit | edit source]

  • Custom can also mean changed to suit better and fit somebody's requirements, as in "Custom paint job" on a car. This means paintwork that has been specially changed.
  • Customs are a state service which works mostly in ports, airports and the countries borders to check imported goods (brought into the country).