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A Cube is a 3D shape (Solid Figure). It has 6 faces,12 vertices and 12 edges. Use 6-12-12 to remember the faces, vertices and edges. The Cube is the 3D version of the square. Cubes can big or small. Cube sides must be equal or it will be a different shape a rectangular prism.

What’s A Cube and What’s not a Cube[edit | edit source]

A Cube[edit | edit source]

This 4 colored cube image is a cube. It really looks like 4 rectangular prisms. It has 6 sides (faces),12 vertices and 12 edges. Boxes can be cubes. A Building block can be a cube.

It has 4 different colors

Not A Cube[edit | edit source]

Whats not a cube is a cube that’s broken, dosent have 6 faces,12 vertices and 12 edges. Dosent have equal sides. See broken cube below.

Broken Cube