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Flag of Comoros

Official languages

2.235 km²
Federal presidential republic
794.678 (2016)
Islam (98%), Christianity (2%)
Time zone
Comorian Frank
Demonym Comorian
Preceded by
Succeeded by


The Comoros, officially the Union of Comoros, forms a State consisting of the three islands Grande Comore (Ngazidja Com.:; AR.: Andjazîdja or Anjazījah), Mohéli (Mwali;: Com. AR.: Moûhîlî or Mūhīlī) and Ndzuwani (Anjouan Com.:; AR.: Andjouân or Anjwān) plus some other very small islands. The Comoros Islands are of volcanic origin and are located in the Indian Ocean, Northwest of Madagascar. They, together with the Department of Mayotte the Comoros archipelago. The name comes from the Arabic "al Djazair Kamar" what "Moon island".

History[edit | edit source]

The Comoros were already from about 800 AD under Arab influence, which is still showing in the fact that Islam is the dominant religion. The population contains a black and an Arabic ingredient also a Malay ingredient, presumably related to that of Madagascar. However, for centuries the indigenous population speaks various dialects of Swahili, a Bantu language with strong Arabic influences.

In 1843 was annexed by France in 1886 Mayotte was the other islands also a French protectorate. Sultan S Ali Ibn Saidi Omar was banned. In 1912, they became a French colony, initially controlled from Madagascar.

In 1975 was proclaimed the independence of the Comoros, but the following year a large majority of the population of Mayotte chose for the return to France.

The Comoros have after their independence a turbulent time. Since independence, more than thirty successful attempts at a coup d'État or not taken place. Usually played a role behind the scenes the French mercenary leader Bob Denard, the "king maker" of the Comoros. Twice (in 1978 and 1990) hold the military in France. In 2001 entered a new Constitution, which the country got a more federalist Government. In May 2006 was Ahmed Abdallah Sambi as president chosen.

In 2008 was through a military invasion the insurgent Comoro island of Anjouan on Mohamed Bacar's reign the overthrown.

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