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Abul Khair Khan

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Abul Khair Khan
Born January 1, 1693
Turkistan, Kazakh Khanate
Died August 12, 1748

Mirza Abū'l-Khair Mūhammed Khan bin Qājı Abdūllah Sultan (Kazakh: Мырза Әбілқайыр Мұхаммед хан бин Қажы Абдұллаh Сұлтан; January 1, 1693 - August 12, 1748), was the 1st Khan of the Junior jüz from 1718 until his death in 1748. In the 1720s, he commanded the Kazakh militia in the fight against the Dzungars. He accepted Russian citizenship in 1731, and this was the beginning of the unification of Kazakhstan with Russia.

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