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Edelweiss is a mountain flower, protected in several countries.

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Honey bee landing on a thistle

The honey bee is an insect. Bees live in large colonies in natural or man-made beehives. The heart of the colony is the queen, the only bee that lays eggs. All of the bees in the colony are her daughters, and are sisters to one another.

The bees gather nectar from flowers. Bees also collect flower pollen. In the hive, bees turn the nectar to honey, and feed the larvae with the pollen. Honey is stocked and pollen may also be kept in the hive to feed the larvae in time of bad weather.

This bee is collecting pollen from a flower. The white lump on its hind leg is the pollen that it has collected.

The honey bee is one of the most common domesticated insects (with the silkworm). It is bred for its honey and its wax. Farmers sometimes keep several hives near orchards. The bees help pollinate the blossoms of the fruit trees.