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Widebody airplane

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Boeing 747 is a widebody plane
Airbus A380

Widebody or long range airplanes are an airplanes with a fuselage wide enough to accommodate two passenger aisles and multiple seats.

Narrow-bodied airplanes are different. Widebody airplanes are mostly longer.

Airbus A380[edit | edit source]

A380 is biggest airplane model. Emirates is the company that has the most of them. It have two floors and it's biggest passenger plane. It have two engines on first wing and two on second wing which is four engines on both.

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Boeing 747[edit | edit source]

Boeing 747 is biggest Boeing's airplane with four engines and two floors. It's widebody plane.

It is no longer produced today. Boeing 747 is also first two-story airplane.

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Boeing 787[edit | edit source]

Boeing 787 is newest and last Boeing's aircraft model.

It's widebody plane with two engines. he came after Boeing 777.

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Narrow-bodied airplanes[edit | edit source]

Narrow-bodied aiplanes are smaller than widebody airplanes.

Airbus A320[edit | edit source]

Airbus A320 is most solded Airbus' airplane.

It have two engines like most of narrow-bodied planes.

Boeing 737[edit | edit source]

Boeing 737 is narrow-bodied airplanes.

Boeing 737-800 is most popular passenger plane.