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Virginia Woolf

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Virginia Woolf in 1902

Virginia Woolf (London, 25 January 1882 - Lewes 28 March 1941) was a British writer an feminist. Between the World Wars she was one of the most important writers of the London literature culture, and she is still very well-known.

Virginia Woolf was born in London and was a member of typical Victorian family. She did not have a very good youth. After her mom died she had a nervous breakdown, and she and her sister were sexually abused by their own brothers. A few years later her dad died. After his dead she and her sister, Vanessa, moved to Bloomsbury. In Bloomsbury she became a member of the Bloomsbury group. Another famous member of this group was John Maynard Keynes, the well-known economist. In 1905 writing became Virginia's profession. She wrote different books. A few examples are To the Lighthouse (1927) and The Waves (1931). In 1912 she married Leonard Woolf.

In 1941 Virginia died after committing suicide, which she did by filling up the pockets of her jacket with rocks and throwing herself into the river. She left a note. She thought was going mad, since she heard voices, and couldn't live anymore.

In 1962 Edward Albee wrote the theatre play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Contrary to what the title suggests the play hasn't got anything to do with Virginia Woolf. She's only mentioned in one sentence (Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?). The title is a parody on "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?".