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Vikidia Talk:Image of the week/2017

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An hour with French high school students[edit source]

A teacher in Cestas-33 would like to introduce a way of contributing to Vikidia for her students (their last year in a French college) through Image of the week.


  • This term, you've been working on several techniques to describe pictures. Today, we'll explore two cyberplaces where pictures can be described in English. D'you know about Vikidia and Wikimedia Commons?
  • The first one is Vikidia: Which public is it aimed at? How d'you find out? -> kid ≠ teenager
  • The other one will be Wikimedia: What does media refer to? news? more? -> photos, videos, audio files...
  • What does wiki mean? In which language?
  • Commons: the author agrees to offer his work to all net surfers, provided a certain number of rules are respected.

1) → 8 languages → choose English : What does Main Page replace?

  • What is there on this main page?
    • Vikidia,
    • Star article,
    • Image of the week: A photo of an Italian port (school trip), Genoa:
  • See more! which colour? Last / This / Next week: no image;
    • Can you guess which image was chosen by your teacher?
    • What does it represent? Graduation day in an English-speaking country.
    • How d'we know the girl is happy with her results? For which week will it be chosen?
  • The images are defined on sub-pages, per year: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 : click-right on 2017 → New tab: How many weeks? How many in grey? In red? In yellow? → red = to be done.

2) Where can free images be found? Commons.

  • New tab: ;
    • Content: Which differences with Vikidia main page?
    • By topic: nature, society, science, engineering.
  • Search: type Cestas for example
    • Sub categories + a number + F between brackets. -> Category for folder; F for File.
    • Files: watch and choose one or two.
    • for example Cestas / Monsalut:
      • and write a short description in English: A fisherman near one of Cestas lakes.
    • or Cestas blason ; the name of the file will be needed to copy the image to another place.

3) -> back to Vikidia 2017 :

  • Choose a week with no image, for example : Week 13. There is no image for that week yet.
  • Edit source Instead of being a simple visitor or reader, one becomes an actor, a writer.
    • → go to the week number 12 - Enter
    • new line, it's empty
    • copy+paste preceding line
  • What's to be erased and replaced?
    • change number (of the week)
    • change name of the file (go and copy): Monsalut-P1070963.jpg or Blason ville fr Cestas (Gironde).svg
    • change description: A fisherman near one of Cestas lakes, or Blason of Cestas.
      • |27=[[File:Monsalut-P1070963.jpg|thumb|upright 1.3|center|alt=|A fisherman near one of Cestas lakes, south of Bordeaux.]]
      • |13=[[File:Blason ville fr Cestas (Gironde).svg|thumb|upright 1.3|center|alt=|Blason of Cestas.]]
  • What's new?
    • Summary: explain what has been done.
    • Preview: back to the main page!!! Happy
    • Save changes.

4) Description and caption:

  • boar, beehive, pilgrim.
  • Home work.

More news this afternoon Wink --Als33120 (talk) 11:32, 13 March 2017 (CET)

Thanks for this <poem> Bleb I've just created the Image of the week page for 2018, just in case someone would think of an image to be displayed specifically in the week of a certain event in the coming year. Klipe (talk) 13:21, 13 March 2017 (CET)
Glad you enjoyed my poem... Well, it worked with the teacher I met, who did create an Image of the week. We'll see whether the kids like it or not next thursday. Als33120 (talk) 15:53, 13 March 2017 (CET)
More news after looking at their written homework. Als33120 (talk) 18:07, 16 March 2017 (CET)
Thanks Klipe for coat of arms and links. Als33120 (talk) 19:20, 16 March 2017 (CET)