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Vikidia:Request for adminship

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Read Vikidia:Request for adminship in order to request adminship on Vikidia.


They are certain requirements for adminship, some of the requirements are:

  • You have never been blocked on Vikidia.
  • At least be actively editing for 3 month.
  • At least have 500 edits. (Edit count is not much of a big deal)
  • Willing to be an active admin and if not, please be willing to assume good faith and resign.
  • At least have three good reasons to request adminship.
If you think you meet the requirements, go ahead and request! Happy

Note: If you have requested adminship before, you should add "(2)" after your username. So if your username is "Example" you should fill in below "Example (2)"


User that are requesting the permission of adminship have seven days to vote, they can use the templates {{Support}}, {{Neutral}} or {{Oppose}}. Abuse of sockpuppets is not permitted and if a CheckUser discovers it, the vote is invalid and all concerned users will be blocked. In order for it to be a successful request for adminship, at least 70% of the votes should be support. But this shouldn't be strictly counted, but basically, it is if the majority of the votes is support. Once the votes are tallied, it is up to the bureaucrat to see if the request for adminship is successful.


If you are inactive and you did not follow the fourth rule, your sysop rights will be revoked as soon as possible. For more information, see Vikidia:Inactivity Policy.