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Vikidia:Blocking rules

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There is no place for vandalism on Vikidia!

Blocking is a way in which Vikidia administrators can prevent editors from vandalizing using Special:Block.

This should not be looked at as a sanction. Blocking is also used to prevent damage, harassment, or disruption to Vikidia.

Before blocking a user or IP address, it is important to know if he/she had a bad intention. If the user really had a bad intention,

they should be warned, and if he continues, do not hesitate to block him/her. Blocking is not a provocation and so should not be used!

When to block?[edit | edit source]

  • Vandalism (Bad, harmful changes made to Vikidia)
  • Constantly writing graffiti, nonsenses
  • Constantly copying content from other pages
  • Multiple accounts
  • Personal attacks (insults, harsh speech ...)
  • Unacceptable username
  • Edits of bots by human labor (edits by unmarked bot)
  • Creating offensive pages
  • Threats (including threats outside the Vikidia project)
  • Constant advertising
  • Persistent copyright infringement
  • Constantly creating blank pages
  • Signing on the articles
  • Editorial war
  • Self-promotion
  • Publishing explicit content
  • Racism
This title is not complete, these are the most common reasons of blocks.

When not to block?[edit | edit source]

Administrators, be careful because the user may have had good intentions!

  • When it comes to blocking, administrators need to be firmly convinced that the user had bad intentions. Administrators should not block a user if they are unsure if the user wants to help.
  • Administrators should warn and notify the user or talk to them about the situation.
  • Blocking is not a punishment or sanction, it is a warning to the user. Blocking should not be long enough to discourage users from editing after the end of the block.
  • Again, admins must be firmly convinced that the user had terrible or good intentions!
  • Blocking in order to get some advantage is strictly forbidden!