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Vandal numbers are going Down
A person reading the news
A person reading the news

You are at my userpage

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Keep going, you've got those articles!

I have at least 610 edits so I put the 2nd rank syntax. Just to know. I ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH. I do not speak any other language.

  • A 3rd rank status: 300 edits
  • A 2nd rank status: 610 edits
  • A 1st rank status: 1000 edits Template:Active

Hi. If you see a userpage drawing example on my pages, if you click, it brings you to my main userpage, If you see a big green talk message drawing, it leads you to my main talk page. HotCat persuade.png


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. I put the school template right before I go to school

Due to computer problems, I was not here the past days.

Physics wave.png

I have over 700 edits

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This user uses HotCat
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This user likes to play with Rubik's cubes

My age is 11, so I am a tween.

What I do not like[edit | edit source]

  • SVGs (Scalable vector graphics), they are not cool.
  • 2D
  • Reading