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Hi, I'm Matteo an italian maths teacher. My students and I are writing some simple entries in to practice our english writing and speaking.

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In real life, I'm a

My students[edit | edit source]

Sandbox First login Class Sandbox Entries Contributes Note
User:Elisabeth.baetel/sandbox 2017 2003B Structure of DNA
User:Samuele.bartoli/Sandbox 2017 2003B Drosophila Melanogaster
User:Giacomo.cellana/sandbox 2017 2003B Mitosis
User:Johnny.cellana/Sandbox 2017 2003B down sindrome(finish) Tsunami Finito
User:asia.cigalotti/Sandbox 2017 2003B Battery Earth and Henry Ford
User:Coali.giulio/Sandbox 2017 2003B chromosome Diaphragm
User:Giuliano.colo/sandbox 2017 2003B genetic diseas
User:Asia.dipace/sandbox 2017 2003B haemofilia
User:Ladji.doumbia/sandbox 2017 2003B nucleotides
User:Frasca.leone03/Sandbox 2017 2003B Gene Diaphragm
User:Nadine graziotti/Sandbox 2017 2003B Cloning
User:asia.moltini/Sandbox 2017 2003B meiosis
User:Gabriele.pellegrini/Sandbox 2017 2003B enetic information
User:christopher.ravizza/Sandbox 2017 2003B protein
User:Leonardo.rosa/Sandbox 2017 2003B OGM
User:Luca.santolini/Sandbox 2017 2003B seismograph

genetic diseases

User:Virginia.sartori/Sandbox 2017 2003B anctarctic


User:Margherita.stasii/Sandbox 2017 2003B fenotype Tsunami Finito
User:Alessio Tagliapietra/Sandbox 2017 2003B chromosome
User:Dennis.tiboni/Sandbox 2017 2003B protein seismograph
User:Marica.tiboni/Sandbox 2017 2003B thalassaemia
User:Eng.stefano.toniatti/Sandbox 2017 2003B gene mutation
User:Aurora.zendri/sanbox 2017 2003B gender chromosome point of view