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I am Kidstogo from WikiKids.!

Kidstogo Girl
Name Kidstogo Girl
Age 12
Where I live North Holland, Netherlands
My strengths make articles
Languages Dutch, English, and Arabic!
Activity on Vikidia
How I contribute Help users and make articles about Europe and English country's
My statuses
and roles
Registered user
Welkom op mijn gebruikerspagina!

Welkom - Wilkommen - Bienvenue - Bienvenido - مرحبا بكم في - 歡迎 - 歓迎 - καλωσόρισμα - Benvenuto


Hello, my name is Kidstogo and I come from the Dutch WikiKids. Now I speak better English than before. So try to help this wiki and it is also a little bit exciting for me. I hope can help and if you have questions to me, you can write that on my discussion page. LOL