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User:Goldenburg111/English Vikidia

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Views[edit | edit source]

  • With 175/784 (and growing, best to update time to time) pages, and many pages that are stubs, but are not categorized as stubs, the English Vikidia's 1# problem is stubs, which can impact the quality of articles, while clicking on Special:RandomPage, on the English Vikidia, which users might take Simple English Wikipedia as a source (but maybe not due to the high level of vandalism). This might be, historically, a good thing, as it might "attract" users into unstubbing and contributing to the English Vikidia.
  • What I am happy about the English Vikidia is there are active bureaucrats an administrators, to help out with questions, problems, criticism (rare), promoting rights, and especially, helping out with newcomers. (NOTE: Strike this if policy is created: Vikidia:Inactivity Policy and Vikidia:Don't Bite The Newcomers) (an example for "questions" and "problems" is Vikidia:Request for administrators). Which I would like this to be maintained.

Thoughts[edit | edit source]

My Contributions[edit | edit source]

What I will see here in the future...[edit | edit source]

Well, nothing. Seeing that admin's cannot seem to care about rule breakers, people who vote twice in RFA's like this kid named User:Jilly. It annoys me when she is not handled with a block for voting TWICE in an RFA, and creating alts also. I'm sick of this Vikidia not taking care of matters like this and I will soon leave for a month just so I can take a break. Yet I'm not their to that point, I still got some hope in me Vikidia admins will do the right thing and finally block this disrupt editor here.