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Bakhos is Symbol confirmed.svg Active
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Hello, i'm king pig! OINK!
Name Bakhos
Age 12
Where I live In Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
My strengths Working, math
Languages Kazakh & English
Activity on Vikidia
How I contribute Playing video games, watching youtube videos, and more...
My statuses
and roles

Hey! It's me Bakhos! also known as BakhosManySun! and welcome to my vikidia user! Well you can watch about me, like blablabla. So yeah...

About me[edit | edit source]

Well, I am YouTuber named "BakhosManySun", i am currently 4k subscribers and 1 million views, well that's a lot subscribers and views. Because i'm so famous! nah just kidding... i am little famous. Well also, i have so many accounts with youtube alternatives, it called like BitView, VidLii (please don't join vidlii, because of p*rn, racist and [email protected] videos, so i quit a 3-4 months ago), VidBit, CyanTube, Tracle, and WeVidi. But sadly, i got banned from BitView, Tracle, and WeVidi... because of underage. And also, i have terrible news, i have measles, like it's been 4-5 days i think... So yeah...

Links[edit | edit source]

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