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Bakhos is Symbol confirmed.svg Active
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Hello, i'm king pig! OINK!
Name Bakhos
Where I live In Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
My strengths Working, math
Languages Kazakh & English
Activity on Vikidia
How I contribute Playing video games, watching youtube videos, and more...
My statuses
and roles

A moderator of CyanTube, and a creator of BakhosTube and IShowSpeed Wiki

Hello peoples, It's me Bakhos, also known as BakhosManySun, and welcome to my vikidia user. If you wanna talk to me, just go to "talk" and use "~~~~" at the end, when you done talking.

About me[edit | edit source]

I am from Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. My birthday are December 14. I have a YouTube channel also, named "BakhosManySun", with over 5k subscribers and 1 million views. I have many accounts with youtube alternatives, BitView, VidBit, CyanTube and more. But sadly, i got banned from BitView, Tracle, and WeVidi, because of underage. I am also a moderator of CyanTube. I am also a fan of Club Penguin, Minecraft, and more.

Links[edit | edit source]

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