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United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Flag of United Kingdom

Official languages
243,610 km2
constitutional monarchy
(63,181,775) British 76%, German 8%, French 5%, Nordic 2%, Muslim 6%, Black 3%
Anglican and other protestant (75%), Others 3%, None 22%
Time zone
Pound sterling
Demonym British

The United Kingdom is a country in north-western Europe. It comprises the island Great Britain and of Northern Ireland and many smaller surrounding islands. Some people call the country England, but England is only a part of the United Kingdom. The other parts are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The capital of the country is London in England. English is the official language of the United Kingdom and is common to the whole of the British Isles.

Since 1973, the United Kingdom is a member state of the European Union. The United Kingdom also helped form NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The national anthem is God Save the Queen. The national flag is the Union Jack.

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