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The Triassic Period was a desolate time in Earth's history. About of violent clank eruptions. climate change, or perhaps a fatal run-in with a comet or asteroid. But it was also a time of tremendous change and rejuvenation. Life that survived the so-called Great Dying repopulated the planet. The Triassic closed in the same way it began. Perhaps a volcanic belch or an asteroid collision. Caused another mass extinction. However, Dinosaurs survived and went on to dominate the Jurassic.

Age[edit | edit source]

Hole Triassic Period is 250 million years ~ 119 million years ago. Early, middle Triassic Period is 250 million years ~ 228 million years ago then Late Triassic Period is 228 million years ago ~ 199 million years ago.

Triassic[edit | edit source]

In the Triassic there was one big continent only. Pangea's climate was very dry. The Triassic period oxygen levels were between 10 and 15 percent. 76% of all species wiped out in this extinction.

Species of Triassic Period[edit | edit source]

The reptiles were more. Declination of synapsids, like Nothosaurus. In Late Triassic Period.

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