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A train is a way of transport. A train needs a locomotive to move. Trains need carriages to carry people but are also used to carry freight. Trains are used to carry a lot of people a long way.

History[edit | edit source]

Trains were invented in England but the first passenger one ran in Belgium. The first trains were steam-powered ones then it turned into dissel ones and finally became electric.

Types of trains[edit | edit source]

Subway[edit | edit source]

A subway also is a kind of train. They run mostly underground. There may be sections where the tracks are above-ground, called "elevated" or for short, "El." Many countries call their subway the "Metro."

Sleeper trains[edit | edit source]

Sleeper trains also exist. It has compartments and from the wall you can unfold a bunk bed. You can also turn the bottom ones into a coach. There are normally three bunks by compartment for second class. But there can be four bunk ones also. In some countries there are no carriages and we can see every one in their bunk.

Freight trains[edit | edit source]

These carry cargo.

Major train companies[edit | edit source]