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The Week Junior

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The Week Junior[edit | edit source]

The Week Junior is a magazine which you get every week if you subscribe to it. It's meant for kids. There is actually a magazine called The Week which is made for adults. The Week Junior is like a child's version of The Week.

Inside[edit | edit source]

Inside The Week Junior there are various topics. The topics are:

  1. This week's big news
  2. Home news (what's happening in Britain)
  3. Around the world (It has a map)
  4. The big debate (Where you can vote for a different matter each week)
  5. People (Some famous people)
  6. Animals and the environment
  7. The week's main matter
  8. Science and technology
  9. Photos of the week
  10. Sport
  11. Book club (A main book is presented and they show a few books that are related)
  12. The week's big exhibition
  13. Entertainment
  14. On screen
  15. Do something (a sport or something else to do is proposed)
  16. How to...(Explains how to do something creative)
  17. Over to you (Where readers can add pictures,jokes...)
  18. Puzzles and competitons
  19. That's unbelievable!
  20. Quiz of the week

Other magazines with The Week junior writers[edit | edit source]

Science + Nature (delivered every 3 weeks)

The Week Junior Quizzler (You get it once, but it's filled with puzzles)

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