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Science fiction

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This page is a translation from the original spanish article.
File:Millennium Falke Falcon.jpg
The Millennium Falcon, a science fiction space ship from Star Wars

Science fiction is a type of writing. Science fiction stories can be novels, movies, T. V. series or comics.

Science fiction stories usually are about imaginary new inventions as space ships, time machines and robots. They are commonly developed in a world different from the real one, or they take place in completely different worlds. People on those worlds may have new tools that don't exist in real life and often there are aliens.

Science fiction is not the same as fantasy. Fantasy stories often use magic and other things that can never exist because they don't have any scientific explanation. Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer, once said that science fiction is possible, but fantasy is not.

Science fiction examples[edit | edit source]

Science fiction changes with time. Some authors wrote science fiction books even before this kind of writing got a name. Those writers and books were not described as science fiction when they were published, but nowadays we call them science fiction.