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Red fox

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The Red fox is the most commonly known fox. When someone says fox, you will most likely think of the Red fox. So, you want to know about it huh? Well then I'll tell you a bit about his cute little canine.

The Red fox has orange-red fur. The females are called vixens, and the males are called reynard or dogs. Red foxes are territorial, so they have a territory. If you enter a Red fox's territory, the leader will most likely growl at you, or try to bite. Of course, a fox's bite won't be a painful as a bear's or a wolf's, but it will still hurt, so stay out! Baby Red foxes are called kits. Why they call them the I don't know.

A Red fox's diet would be of small rodents, rabbits, and birds. Even insects and plants will do. Yes, plants. Red foxes are omnivores. So they eat plants, but mostly meat. People can have them as pets, but they cost a lot of money, like 10,000$ or something. But if you're really up for it... then go ahead, that is, if you can find a place that sells them.

Red foxes live up north, you can find them in Europe, and some places in Canada. But they do not go as far north as arctic foxes do, they stay a little further south.

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