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Rangpur is one of the major cities of the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh and one of the oldest municipal corporations in Bangladesh established in 189. The city of Rangpur was recognized as the divisional headquarters on 16 December 189. In 1890, the then Chairman of the Municipal Corporation, Dimlar Zamindar Bari Raja Janakiballav Sen re-excavated the canal in the name of his mother Chowdhurani Shyamasundari Devi in ​​Rangpur to alleviate water logging. At present the area of ​​Rangpur City Corporation is 205.60 sq km. Rangpur is famous for its seven hundred year old tradition of "Shataranji", "Haribhanga Mango", "Tobacco". Rangpur is called the "Land of Bahe".

History[edit | edit source]

Politics[edit | edit source]