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Psyche (mythology)

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Psyche was a mortal Princess in ancient Greece. She was also knockout gorgeous. People started to say that she was the new Aphrodite, the Goddess of love reborn. The Made Aphrodite mad so she sent her son Eros, the God of physical attraction, after her to matchmake her in love with something repulsive, but instead fell in love with her. Then Psyche got a message from the oracle in Delphi that she would marry a monster, something that even the gods are afraid of, and dress the way you would dress for a funeral. Then she went to the rock spire and jumped off and Zephyr, the god of the west wind brought her to her new Palace. This new palace was magical with magical servants and other things. So Eros was the one she was to marry and he would only visit at night because he was on death watch from Aphrodite, and was not allowed to see his true form or else it would ruin the magic. Then one night she decided to see his husbands true form while he slept and it was the biggest mistake she ever made. She spilled a drop of hot wax on his shoulder and woke him up. Outraged that Psyche had disobeyed him he flew off in fury. So then Eros went to see his mother and try to heal his arm but that little drop of wax was burning at his godly essence and making him weak. Not even Apollo the God of medicine could heal the wound. Well Psyche also went looking for Aphrodite to win her husband back. And cruel Aphrodite gave her four impossible quests to complete and on the fourth one she got hit with Stygian sleep which was meant for Aphrodite as a gift from Persephone for sending a mortal to do her dirty work, and was dying. So Eros took Psyche to Zeus and demanded he make her immortal so that they can live together forever. Then she became the goddess of the mortal soul and was forever married to Eros.