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Pseudoscience is when people pretend that something unscientific is scientific. Society has not been able to verify many ideas such as acupuncture, which is a practice of using needles to solve health issues. But there are stories from credible people who claim acupuncture works. Because of this it is hard to tell if it is real or not. Science offers ways of verifying if an idea is real or not. Because acupuncture can not be verified, if someone claims it is scientific, they are teaching pseudoscience.

Some people assume because acupuncture can't be proven, it must be false. However, science hasn't disproven acupuncture. There is no scientific evidence that it works, but that is different from scientific evidence that it doesn't work. It is impossible to come up with evidence against acupuncture, because maybe once every 100 years, it might actually work. That puts acupuncture in a grey area that has no scientific evidence that it works, but it can't really be proved not to work.

The idea that the Earth is flat is not like acupuncture. It has been disproven. There is absolutely no doubt that the Earth is round.