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In computer science, cloud computing is when the user can simply use distant storage, computing power, or specially crafted development environments, without having to worry how these work internally. Cloud computing is the development and use of computer technology over the Internet: it relies on the infrastructure of the Internet. It is a style of computing in which IT-related capabilities are provided “as a service”, allowing users to access technology-enabled services from the Internet ("in the cloud") without knowledge of — and control over — the technologies behind these services.


The Internet was created in the United States by the "United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency" (ARPA). It was first connected in October, 1969.[1] The World Wide Web was created at CERN in Switzerland in 1989 by a British (UK) man named Tim Berners-Lee. Today, people can pay money to access the Internet from Internet Service Providers. Some services on the Internet cost nothing to use. Sometimes the people who offer these free services use advertising to make money from them. The alternative (other) name, "Net" came from "Inter(net)".

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