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Pluto (Disney)

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Pluto's Official Artwork

Pluto is a funny animal dog created by Walt Disney in 1930.The Chain Gang was his first appearance.

History[edit | edit source]

Pluto first appeared in The Chain Gang in 1930 where he was an unnamed bloodhound trying to track down Mickey after he escapes from Prison. Later that year, In The Picnic he is known as Rover, but it isn't until Mickeys Moose Hunt in 1932 where he was named Pluto. He appeared in mostly Mickey Mouse Cartoons or His own series. One of his notable cartoons is Plutopia which is when Mickey and Pluto go on a camping trip, and Pluto has a dream where he can eat all the bones he wants. He later finds a sausage, which is actually Milton the Cats tail. It was released in 1943. He is animated in CGI when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse premieres on Disney Junior.

Personality/Apperance[edit | edit source]

Pluto is mostly a kind gentle pup, but in some cartoons he can get into trouble, such as when Chip n Dale appear or Mickey locks him out of the house. Pluto's breed is unknown, but he could be a golden retriever due to his yellow Appearance. Pluto can get often dirty or he can daydream, the daydreaming is most notable in Plutopia. In the Mickey Mouse shorts that premiered in 2013 is looks mostly the same from earlier appearances but his skin is just the slightest bit darker, and in the Mobile game "Where's my Mickey?" On the title card for "Growing Pains" he is seen being covered in dirt from playing in Mickeys Garden.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pluto might be named after the planet Pluto
  • Pluto is the first Mickey Mouse character that does not act like a human.
  • Pluto can sometimes be confused with Goofy since they are both dogs.
  • Pluto was originally a bloodhound tracking Mickey after he escapes from prison in his first Appearance, meaning he was originally an antagonist.