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Piano Tiles 2

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Piano Tiles 2 Logo

Piano Tiles 2 is Arcade Game! The Game Created in August 19, 2015. By Hu Wen Zeng! is The 2 Game! The First Game Build in March 28, 2014.

The Company of The Piano Tiles 2 Game is Umoni Game and Cheetah Mobile! in The Game You Need Click The Black Tabs! if You Clicked The White Tabs YOU LOSE

The Game Was Trending in 2016! The Best Current YouTuber in This Game is EK! He Make 20+ World Records in This Game And He in Level 100+

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

in The Game You Need Make Level Up And Get Coins / Diamonds To Buy New Songs For Get More Exp To Level Up And Get More Diamonds And Play in This Songs! in The Songs Have 6 Win Modes! 1 Coin / 2 Coin / 3 Coin / 1 Gold / 2 Gold and 3 Gold. In Level Up You Take 3 Free Musics! The Current Max Level is 114 But Piano Tiles Always Add More And More Songs... The Max Coins in 10,000,000 And The Max Diamonds in 1,000,000! The Current Musics Have in Piano Tiles is 220-250


in The Game Have 3 Challenges! 1. Beginner 2.Skilled 3.Master (Beginner = For Starters on The Game) (Skilled = Normal on The Game) (Master = Best on The Game)

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