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A baby, with three women: his mother, his grandmother, and his great-grandmother.
An Indonesian boy, in his school uniform.

The human (scientific name: Homo sapiens) is a peculiar animal; it is the species we all belong to. Depending on sex and age, it bears different names: the new born is called a baby, and the young, a child. Young males are called boys, and females, girls. An adult male is a man, and a female, a woman.

Human have an almost nude skin, without hair or quite so, except on the head. It walks on it two legs, and uses its two hands to carry and manipulate things.

Humans have built civilisations: they can talk and communicate with each other with a language, and live no longer in nature: they have built towns, made of houses, in wich they live.

Humans live worldwide, except in Antarctica. Some have "white" (in fact, rather light pink) skin, others have "black" or "yellow"... There are many kinds of humans on Earth.

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