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Fuchka is a very popular delicacy of the Indian subcontinent. This food is widely used in urban areas of Bangladesh and India. It is known by different names in different regions. In the whole of Bangladesh its name is "Fuchka"; In northern India it is known as Gol-Gappa, and in western India (such as Maharashtra), the dish is called Pani-Puri.

This phukka is usually served in a round petal prepared by flour and semolina, filled with mashed boiled potato puree and served with tamarind water. In addition to the various names in different regions, the style of serving phuchka has also gained variety. In some areas mint water is used instead of tamarind water. In West Bengal, onion is one of the main ingredients in the Indian state of Orissa, though it is not widely used in potatoes. Besides, the popularity of fuchka served with yoghurt-fuchka i.e. tokdai is very strong all over the country. History of Phuchkar: The most credible and evidential account of the history of Phuchkar is its origin in the hands of Draupadi of the Mahabharata. After Draupadi got married, Kunti asked her to prepare food for her husbands with the potato and flour pulp she had sold last night. This phuchka is then served with tamarind water in a round petal prepared by Draupadi Atta filled with mashed boiled potato puree. Kunti later blesses Draupadi's food with immortality. Since then, "Fulki" in Magadha and later Fuchka have undergone various modern transformations.

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