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Nuuk (in Danish Godthaab) is the capital of Greenland, Greenland's largest city and capital of the municipality of Sermersooq with a population of 18.326 inhabitants. Nuuk was founded on the 29th August of 1728, being incorporated on the map the same year it was founded.

Transport in Nuuk[edit | edit source]

Nuuk has a port for ferries, a road that goes to Nuuk Airport, a little airport that works as Nuuk's air travels and a focus city for Greenland's flag airline, Air Greenland that connects Nuuk to 8 villages of Greenland and in Summer, to Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. Nuuk also has a bus line that crosses all the city. Air Iceland Connect connects in summer Nuuk and Reykjavik, and Air Nunavut connects by charter Nuuk and Iqaluit.