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Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64
The Nintendo 64 with his Gamepad

Manufacter Nintendo
Generation Fifth

Release date June 23 1996 in Japan and March 1st 1997 in Europe
Media Game cartridge
Controllers Gamepad
Online service Randnet
Sold units 32,93 millions
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemInfobox-jv-flechesg.pngNintendo GameCube

The Nintendo 64 (or N64 in abbreviated) is a home console created by Nintendo.

It is a game console of the fifth generation of video games. It is release in 1996 in Japan and in 1997 in Europe. It was not a commercial failure but the game console was not exceeded his principal rival, the first PlayStation. The N64 was sold at 33 millions of copy (32,93 more exactly) then the PlayStation was sold at 104 millions of copy (104,25 more exactly). It is one of first game console at receive games in 3D (3 dimensions). It's also the one of first game console in 64 bits. The controller have a very specially style, with three handles, that was don't walked because gamers don't know how hold it. There was 4 ports for connect controllers which means that we can play in multiplayer until 4 persons. The support for games are game cartdriges, but it was much more supports of his rival game console that used CD-ROM. One of games the most famous is Super Mario 64. The game console proposed too various accessorys, but few are knowed a big success.

History[edit | edit source]

At the start of years 1990, the new support, the CD-ROM become very famous. Sega release an en extension for his Mega Drive. This extension allows to read CD-ROM. To counter this "attack", Nintendo do an association with Sony, for create a CD-ROM reader extension for the SNES. But a disagreement between the two companies cause the discontinuation of this project. So Nintendo take his last chance and do an association with Phillips for this project. So Phillips release the Phillips-CDi.
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