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Munich is a city in southern Germany and the capital of Bavaria. It is located on the banks of the river Isar.

Population = Number of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Munich is the third German city by number of inhabitants in fact it has 1,326,000.

Denonym = name of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The inhabitants of Munich are called Bavarians

Nationality of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The Nationality of the inhabitants is Germanic

Flag of Munich (striped).svg

Flag/seal[edit | edit source]

The flag of Munich is 2 colors over black and under yellow

Celebrations[edit | edit source]

The Celebrations of Munich there are Oktoberfest is a festival held in Theresienwiese is in the last weekends of September and the first of October where you drink Bavarian beer, with through 6 million visitors each year

Nickname (for example Paris is called "the City of Light")[edit | edit source]

Particularity[edit | edit source]

The Particularity of Munich it is rich in parks, churches, museums. Some more important churches are: Church of San Gaetano, Church of San Mihele, Church of San Pietro. Some museums are: Alte Pinakothek, Deutsches Museum, Museum Mensch und Natur .... The most important statue is the statue of Bavaria 18.52m high bronze, it was built in 1850, depicts a woman wearing a bearskin and flanked by a lion

Tiroler Knödel mit Sauerkraut in Imst.jpg

Gastronomy = a particular dish[edit | edit source]

A particular dish of Monaco its is Knòdel known in northern Italy with the name of canederli

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