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Mont Saint-Michel

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Mont Saint-Michel is a mount on an islet in Normandy, France. This place is very famous and touristic because it contains the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel (French: abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel).

The islet (small island) is located in front of the Couesnon, a river. "Mont Saint-Michel" is also the name of a commune of Normandy.

Mont Saint-Michel gets its name from the archangel Michael.

Tourist problems[edit | edit source]

The old tourist organisations caused some problems: the parking was too close to the sea, the dam caused silt to build up to the mount, and the famous place was going to be connected to the continent. So the dam was destroyed and replaced by a footbridge.

Monastery[edit | edit source]

During the Middle Ages, an abbey was built on the island. A few monks lived there, with very strict rules: spend time to meditate, and don't go to the continent.

Nicknamed "la Merveille" (the Wonder), the abbey was renovated (after a fire) by Philip II of France. Now, it is really beautiful.