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Menstruation is what happens when a woman's uterus doesn't have a fertilized egg implant in it, which would normally be the start of a pregnancy. In this case, the thick lining of the Uterus, which is very rich and contains lots of blood, comes away from the Uterine wall, and passes out when a woman goes to the toilet, along with her urine. This makes the urine smokey in colour, and sometimes there is blood in the toilet.

This process can last anything from two days, to a week, and normally happens once a month during a woman's adult lifetime, until she reaches menopause, which is when this process will stop. It can be very uncomfortable, and some women feel sick and tired while this is happening. During this time, a woman may wear special pads, or "sanitary towels" in her underwear, to stop any blood staining her underwear. Blood can be difficult to remove from clothing.

Menstruation normally starts when a girl reaches puberty. At that time, her body will change significantly, and the beginning of menstruation is a sign that a girl is starting to become fertile, that is, her body is getting ready for her to be able to produce eggs from her ovaries, and to be able to become pregnant.

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