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Medea is a tragedy by the Ancient Greek playwright Euripides.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

Medea is the story of a sorceress called Medea and her husband Jason, who live in Corinth in ancient Greece, a city ruled by a king called Creon. Media is very sad because her husband Jason has chosen to wed, besides her, the daughter of King Creon, and King Creon comes to tell her that she has been ostracized, or kicked out, or Corinth. Jason tries to explain why she should allow him to have tw women, but she does not like that. She does not leave. Instead, she plans her revenge.

First, she sends her children to Jason's wedding with enchanted gifts for Jason's bride. The dress and crown she gives them are cursed, and kill both Creon and his daughter. Upon the return of the children, Medea kills them to vex her husband. Jason is very distraught by this, and is the victim of the tragedy.[2]

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