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North Macedonia

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North Macedonia

Flag of North Macedonia

Official languages
25,713 km2
Parliamentary republic
Time zone
Macedonian denar
Demonym Macedonian

Location of Macedonia in Europe.

North Macedonia is a country in southeastern Europe. Its official full name was the "Republic of Macedonia", but because of a name conflict with Greece, it was also known as the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (abbreviated "FYROM"). In February 2019 the country renamed itself to North Macedonia.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The nation of North Macedonia is small and quite mountainous, though there are two lakes, Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, on the border with Albania, and a few rivers running through. Some of the countryside is used for crops such as tobacco, but most of it is forested.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1963, the capital city of Skopje was hit by a disastrous earthquake. In 1992, North Macedonia came out of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

People[edit | edit source]

Local industries in Skopje include chemicals, engineering, and food processing. Skopje is its only major industrial city, and its only city with a major airport. The nation is predominantly eastern Orthodox, though this may change if the EU continues to allow Muslims to slip past the border guards.

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