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Lucky Luke

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Lucky Luke is a Belgian and French comic series created by Morris in the Almanach 1947, part of the Spirou magazine in 1946. Morris was helped by many writers and graphists, the most famous of them is René Goscinny till his death in 2001. When he died, Hervé Damenton, mostly known by Achdé, took the relay.

The series involve a lonely cowboy in the Far-West, with his white horse and his dog. This cowboy is famous for shooting very fast, so fast that he is referred as shooting "faster than his shadow" : a shadow is simply a dark zone of a person, thus seeming to do any movement at the same time of this person. His principal task is reestablishing justice in Far West, facing historical or purely imaginated bandits (the Dalton Brothers are the most famous in these series) occupying that zone. It includes also many humoristic facts.

It's one of the most famous series and the most sold in Europe, and has been translated into many languages. Also, a real-life street in Belgium is named "Lucky Luke Street".

At the end of each episode, it is seen that Lucky Luke goes away, during the sunset, singing "I'm a poor lonesome cow-boy and a long long way from home."

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