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List of Roman gods and goddesses

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This is a list of Roman Gods and Goddesses that are in Roman mythology.

  • Diana - the goddess of the Moon
  • Fortuna - the goddess of Luck
  • Janus - the god of Gates and doors
  • Jupiter - the King of the gods and goddesses, and god of Lightning and the Sky
    • Juno - his wife, and goddess of Marriage
    • Bellona- the goddess of War
  • Mercury - the god of Thieves, Commerce and Travelers. Also the Messenger of the gods
  • Neptune - the god of the Sea.
  • Pluto - god of death, and the riches under the Earth
  • Saturn, Titan of time
  • Venus, goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Mars, Her husband- god of war
    • Vulcan, The god of Fire and Blacksmiths. Vulcan was seen as a blacksmith
    • Cupid, The god of Love.
  • Minerva, virgin goddess of Wisdom, Handicrafts,
  • Bacchus, god of wine, parties/festivals, madness, and merriment
  • Vesta, virgin goddess of home and hearth
  • Terra, goddess of the Earth
  • Victoria, goddess of victory

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