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Lierna Lake Como

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Lierna is a town on Lake Como in the province of Lecco overlooking the tip of Bellagio. According to the 2015 census, it has 2.141 inhabitants, for its size and characteristics spread between mountains and a small square on the shore by many has been compared to Portofino on Lake Como, while George Clooney who is used to frequent it has defined it as Monte Carlo.[1] Lierna is called the small pearl of Lake Como, is an ancient village where at the time of the Ancient Romans, there was the Comedy Villa of Pliny, which became a defensive town residence of the high medieval nobility, with narrow streets and walls, with the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire Adelaide of Burgundy and the Queen of Italy Theodolinda, up to the Royal House of Savoy, who founded his order here chivalrous. The village of Lierna was then urbanistically designed and carved as a work of art by the most important sculptor of the twentieth century, Giannino Castiglioni.

Beaches in the surroundings of Lierna Lake Como[edit | edit source]

Lierna has always had the cleanest waters of Lake Como, known for their transparency, not only due to the particularity of the seabed covered with white stones. Lierna is surrounded by beaches and shores, but in the face of Lierna, crossing the lake in five minutes by boat, you will find a tongue of beaches that leads to Bellagio.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Lierna is located on the eastern bank of Lake Como and a town between the beautiful mountains of Mount Lierna, in whose complex are located some of the deepest caves in Italy, and where there are some waterfalls and rivers, such as Fiumelatte, which is described by Leonardo da Vinci, arrived to study the particular territory, in the Atlantic Codex, and Lake Como. Lierna is located halfway between Mandello del Lario and Varenna, and between Como and Milan there was a war that lasted ten years to conquer it with the neighboring territories, it was won by Milan. Lierna is composed of 12 villages that were once independent villages, each with its own church and population, the most prestigious village for its history is called Villa, the others are Grumo, Casate, Mugiasco, Olcianico, Sornico, Giussana, Ciserino, La Foppa, Genico, Bancola and Borgo Castello.

References[edit | edit source]

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