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Order of Magnitude (Mass)

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Metric System[edit | edit source]

Yoctogram[edit | edit source]

1 septillionth of a gram. It’s super small in weight.Symbol is yg.

Zeptogram[edit | edit source]

1 sextillionth of a gram. It’s super small in weight. Equals 1000 yg. Symbol is zg.

Attogram[edit | edit source]

1 quintillion the of a gram. It’s super small in weight. Equals 1000 zg. Symbol is ag.

Femtogram[edit | edit source]

1 quadrillionth of the gram. It’s super small in weight. 1000 ag equal 1 fg. Symbol is fg.

Picogram[edit | edit source]

1 trillionth of a gram. It’s super small in weight. 1000 pg equal 1 ng. Symbol is pg.

Nanogram[edit | edit source]

1 billionth of a gram. It’s super small in weight.1000 ng equals 1 Mcg/ug. Symbol is ng.

Microgram[edit | edit source]

1 millionth of a gram. It’s super small in weight. 1000 ug equals 1 mg. Symbol is ug/Mcg.

Milligram[edit | edit source]

1 thousandth of a gram. It’s super small in weight. 1000 mg equal 1 g. Symbol is mg.

Gram[edit | edit source]

1 gram is 1 thousandth of a kilogram. It’s super small in weight. Symbol is g.

Hectogram[edit | edit source]

100 grams is a Hectogram. It’s a little under 4 ounces. It’s mainly used in Italy for food. Symbol is hg.

Kilogram/Millitonne[edit | edit source]

1000 grams is a kilogram. It’s a little over 2 pounds. It’s mainly used in heavier objects. Symbol is Kg.

Megagram/Tonne[edit | edit source]

1000 kilograms is this Megagram. It’s a little over 1 short ton.It’s for really heavy objects. Symbol is Mg.It’s also called a Tonne or metric ton.Symbol is Mg or t.

Gigagram/Kilotonne[edit | edit source]

1000 megagrams or tonnes.It’s 1 billion grams or 1 million kilograms. It’s for super heavy objects like bombs. It’s called a kilotonne.Symbol kt or Gg.

Teragram/Megatonne[edit | edit source]

1000 gigagrams or kilotonnes is a megatonne or Teragram. It’s 1 trillion grams. 1 billion kilograms. It’s for stuff like bombs and other

heavys.Symbol is Tg or Mt

Petagram/Gigatonne[edit | edit source]

1000 Teragrams or megatonnes is a gigatonne or Petagram. It’s 1 quadrillion grams. It’s for big big measurements. Symbol is Pg or Gt.

Exagram/Teratonne[edit | edit source]

1000 Petagram or gigatonnes. It’s called a Teratonne. It’s 1 quintillion grams. It’s for large measurements. Symbol is Eg or Tt.

Zettagram/Petatonne[edit | edit source]

1000 exagrams or teratonnes. It’s called a petatonne. It’s 1 sextillion grams. It’s for large measurements. Symbol is Zg or Pt.

Yottagram/Exatonne[edit | edit source]

5976 yottagrams or Exatonnes is the mass of the earth.

1000 Zettagrams or petatonnes. It’s called an exatonne. It’s 1 septillion grams. It’s for super large measurements. Symbol is Yg or Et.5976 yottagrams is the mass of the earth.

Zettatonne[edit | edit source]

1000 yottagrams or exatonnes. It’s called a zettatonne. It’s 1 octillion grams. The earth is 5.976 zettatonnes.Symbol is Zt.

Yottatonne[edit | edit source]

1.899 yottatonnes is the mass of Jupiter

1000 zettatonnes. It’s 1 nonillion grams. The Jupiter is 1.899 yottatonnes.Symbol is Yt.

Imperial System for mass[edit | edit source]

Ounce[edit | edit source]

The ounce is 1/16 of a pound. It’s around 28 grams. The ounce for mass is not the same as the ounce for volume.

Pound[edit | edit source]

The Pound is 16 ounces. It’s around 453 grams (4.53 Hectograms). Around 2 pounds and some ounces is a kilogram.

Ton (US)[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with the Megagram or Tonne. The ton is 2000 pounds. It’s used only for big things.