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Irish Music

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There are two sorts of music in Ireland. The traditional music and the sailor songs . The two sorts have got various styles. But they are as much by Irish people.

Sailor song[edit | edit source]

This music often speaks of problems or stories taking place in sea. But always witch stirring sound . The principal voice is accompanied by many others voices in chorus. The instruments used are drum, bagpipes. We can hear sailor songs in video games or movies, like Assassin's Creed which is a video game.

Traditional music[edit | edit source]

This style is celtic music. Musicians use traditional instruments like harps , hapipes, violins or already share drum. They work with a peaceful sound or quite opposite a rhythmic sound. Every year, Ireland and other countries are invited at Lorient for the Interceltic festival. A lot of groups compete to know who is the best one accompagnied by dances. The most famous groups lann bihoué in Brittany. This music is here are examples of Irish groups : Irish rover, Avel trez, Estran.

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