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Innsbruck is a city in Austria, capital of the region Tyrol.Innsbruck is the second largest city in Austria[Source?] and is crossed by river Inn.

Population = Number of the inhabitants[edit | edit source]

In Innsbruck there are 130 894 inhabitants.

Flag/seal[edit | edit source]

AT Innsbruck COA.svg

The flag of Innsbruck it's all red with a white castle.

Celebrations[edit | edit source]

Innsbruck festivities are: the festival of Träume, the New Year in the mountains, the World Music Festival, the Christmas Market and Tiroler Dramatikerfestival

Nickname (for example Paris is called "the City of Light")[edit | edit source]

Innsbruck is also called "Ponte sull'Inn" because it is crossed by the river Inn

Particularity[edit | edit source]

Things to visit in Innsbruck are Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen, Altstadt von Innsbruck, Hungerburg Funicular and Hofkirche.

Gastronomy = a particular dish[edit | edit source]

In Innsbruck you can eat especially traditional Tyrolean foods at the end of the meal you eat the wiener schnitzel