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Immigration is the process of people settling down in a region other than their region of origin, as seen from the point of view of the destination region. The same process is called emigration when seen from the point of view of the source region. When looking at the phenomenon from a global point of view, the word migration is used.

This process is often considered at the level of countries and groups of people ('the immigration from Turkey to Austria', for example, or 'immigration is an opportunity for a country but it can also bring problems').

An immigrant is someone who lives in a country but came from another country. For example, if someone was born in France and goes to Germany to live there, he is an immigrant in Germany. He also left France, that means that the French see him as an emigrant.

An immigrant really lives in the other country for a long time or forever. If you only visit a country for a short time, then you are for example a tourist.