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House of Natoli

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Natoli Coat of arm, start in 839 in France, Italy, Spain and other smaller historical states

The House of Natoli is an ancient aristocratic Italian family of the feudal nobility dating back to the year 839 AD. The family originated in Provence – where they were known as de Nanteuil[1][2] – first gaining power in Sicily and Naples during the reign of Frederick II.[3]

The Natolis were a warrior knights family (milites, bellatores) princely house, a political dynasty and banking family, that began to gather prominence under Duke of Nemours legacy. The dynasty de Nanteuil (di Natoli), Châtillon, de Nemours and de Villebéon are branches of the same family.[4]

Branches[edit | edit source]

The family, in the Italian territory, was divided into six main notable Cadet branches:

  • The Princes of Sperlinga, Dukes of Archirafi, Barons of Mojo, Bilici, San Bartolomeo, San Piero Patti, etc., that started with the prince Giovanni Forti Natoli, son of Blasco Natoli and Lanza and of Domenica Giambruno and Perna.
  • The Marquis of Camporotondo, with the founder Pietro Natoli e Lanza son of Francesco, second Prince of Sperlinga.
  • The Marquis Natoli of Palermo, started with Agostino Natoli e Lanza son of Francesco and Margherita Lanza della Ficarra, and next with the Marquess Giuseppe Natoli.
  • The Barons of Alburque and Capuano, started with Girolamo Natoli e Giambruni, brother of Gian Forte Natoli, first prince of the Principality of Sperlinga.
  • The Barons of Scaliti, descended to Sebastiano Natoli e Orioles.
  • The Antoglietta

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