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History of Kazakhstan

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The history of Kazakhstan can be traced back to the Paleolithic. Kazakhstan is the largest country entirely within the Eurasian steppe, and has been the crossroads of important roads and the home of various peoples throughout history, who formed many states and empires in this area. From the 18th to the 20th century, it was part of the Russian Empire, and later in the Soviet Union. The Republic of Kazakhstan has existed since 1991.

Prehistory[edit | edit source]

Mongol Empire[edit | edit source]

Kazakh Khanate 1465–1822 (1847)[edit | edit source]

Cataphract-style parade armor of a royal Saka from the Issyk kurgan.
Russian conquest of Central Asia

Russian Empire (1731–1917)[edit | edit source]

Alash Autonomy (1917-1920)[edit | edit source]

Kazakhstan's struggle for independence began in the late 19th century due to Russian colonization. In 1916, Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs rebelled against conscription during World War I. After proclaiming independence, Alash leaders formed the Alash Orda government, which sided with the White Army against the Bolsheviks. In 1919, as the White forces weakened, Alash leaders began talks with the Bolsheviks. By 1920, the Bolsheviks took control of Kazakhstan, establishing the Kirghiz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, later renamed the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in 1936.

Soviet Union (1920–1991)[edit | edit source]

Dinmukhamed Kunaev

When the communists took power, many Russians and Kazakhs also resisted. A group of secular nationalists calling themselves the Alash Orda, after the patriarch of the Kazakh people, tried to establish an independent state. This state ceased to exist after just under three years. On August 26, 1920, their government surrendered to the Bolsheviks.

In 1936, Kazakhstan became a full-fledged Union Republic (SSR) within the Soviet Union.

Republic of Kazakhstan (1991–present)[edit | edit source]

The country gained its independence in 1991 when it officially left the Soviet Union. Since independence, the country has been authoritatively led by Nursultan Nazarbayev. According to foreign observers, the elections do not meet international standards and usually the ruling party Otan wins all seats.

President Nazarbayev announced his resignation with immediate effect in March 2019. He was provisionally succeeded by parliament speaker Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Large demonstrations took place in January 2022 after the sharp rise in the price of LPG. The government of Kazakhstan decided to resign.

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