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Hebrew language

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The Israel! The Country of Speakers Hebrew

The Hebrew language is the official language of Israel. In Hebrew, Hebrew is Ivrit (עברית).

About the language[edit | edit source]

Hebrew is a hard language to learn, because this language has gender specific words, that denote whether you're talking about a male or a female.

In Hebrew for example, the word for "make" changes, depending on whether you're male or female; (male: ani machin banana) (female: ani mechina banana)

Hebrew is an old language, but thanks to changes made over the years, it is now easier to learn.

Hebrew Basics[edit | edit source]

In Hebrew, some words have the "Ch" and "Sz" sounds.

Hebrew English
Shalom Hello
Ken Yes
Lo No
Sachor Black
Lavan White
Afor Gray
Tchelet Light Blue

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Data about the Hebrew language[edit | edit source]

Around 9 million people speak Hebrew, with 5 million of those, speaking the language as natives.